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*** 13th April 2010 *** the buds are on the point of bursting - so no more cuttings being sent out until the vines are dormant again from mid November 2010 onwards ***

Rooted cuttings will be dispatched from mid-November through to end of March. Unless you specify we will substitute a suitable similar variety if we don’t have your first choice in stock.  

Bare wood cuttings – order by 1st January latest to be sure we haven’t pruned them off ! To ensure greater strike rates we will ship from mid-November – end December and then mid Feb – end March. But please do note the latest order time as after January we will be pruning off the wood. Again unless you specify otherwise if the wood of the variety you ordered does not look good we will substitute a suitable alternative variety.

For further information please call Sunnybank Vine Nursery on 01981 240256 or email sarah@sunnybankvines.co.uk

 As we are often out in the nursery please do leave a message as we will call you back !