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Vines will grow almost anywhere in the United Kingdom, and selected early varieties will ripen in unlikely places. The downloadable notes are a guide only to growing and training on the system called double guyot, a simple replacement cane system which gives good results for amateur and professional alike. When you order vines you will receive a hard copy of these notes

Get the ground in good condition. If it will grow roses, it will grow grapes, and similar preparation is fine for vines, but remember they are a long term crop .Vines will in fact grow anywhere except in seriously waterlogged soil, and in general, and within very wide limits, any garden soil will grow vines. 

Rooted cuttings : Plant the cuttings as soon as possible upon receipt in prepared ground and keep well watered. If not planting in the final position make sure they are heeled in and kept well watered , the same applies if they are planted in pots. Vines should not be grown in pots in the long term as they have extensive root systems and will not thrive. 

Bare wood cuttings : Again as soon as possible on receipt bury these at least two buds deep either in pots or in a nursery bed outside. The buds can be clearly seen on the barewood cuttings.  Again keep well watered. Ensure you put them in the right way up - not always easy to see as you might think ! They will be dispatched with an indicator of which is top and which is to be put into the ground. After the first year treat as per ‘rooted cuttings’